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Wharton Faculty ex-Faculty Professor Francisco Gil-White in U Penn Daily Pennsylvanian,  March 21, 2012,  "The Penn Hindus are right: This is about freedom of speech (they are also right on the facts)"

Wharton Faculty, Saswati,, Niti’s Central,  The Wharton debacle: A University of Pennsylvania professor writes why it was wrong to disinvite Modi (quoting outdated Human Rights report that was disproven by Supreme Court SIT)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Arvind Kumar, Daily Pennsylvanian, Attacks on Hindus play out in the theater of the absurd,

One India, March 6, 2013, US lawmaker, Congressman, and Ranking member of Subcommittee on Asia Mr. Eni Faleomavaega chides Wharton -

The Economic Times and several Indian mainstream media, Marc 6, 2013, Wharton-Modi controversy unfortunate and disrespectful: USIBC Ron Somers

Huffington Post, The Hijacking of Wharton, Rajeev Malhotra,  March 7, 2012

Sunday Guardian, Ram Jethmalini, Let truth be known about Modi,  March 8, 2012

How Wharton Scored a Huge Self-Goal - Sandeep B

ITBL,  Wharton MODIfied...!, March 4, 2013,

Wharton and Modi: Political gamesmanship won over business savvy - Dr Aseem Shukla, Hindu American Foundation

Fiasco of Modi at Wharton - Rajeev Srinivasan

B-School basics: Why Wharton is wrong in disinviting Narendra Modi - Manish Sabharwal, Wharton Alumni

Wall Street Journal poll, March 5th, 2013, Out of 5875 polled,  5394 said Wharton made a wrong decision.

News about dropping from the forum by keynote speaker (former Union Minister) and a major sponsor

Wharton paper, Daily Pennsylvanian, Backlash results from cancellation on Indian state minister -

Wharton paper, Daily Pennsylvanian, Wharton forum cancels on Indian state minister Modi -

Wharton Alumni,  Praveen Chakarvarty,  Wharton and Narendra Modi?s missing speech

Wharton Alumni, Manish Sabharwal,  B-School basics: Why Wharton is wrong in disinviting Narendra Modi

I welcome Nagendraji's suggestions in setting the proper tone for engagement with Wharton.  They are clearly on the backfoot, and even the school newspaper that is typically a liberal bastion took a position against the forum .

Also, my interview with the New York Times blog team in response to Ania Loomba is published today

Columbia & Lee Bollinger vs. UPenn & Amy Gutmann - The Modi Saga

Inside story: why Wharton cancelled Modi's lecture

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