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Videos and Photos of Wharton Satyagraha

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Video - Images from the Parade/Rally (to American Patriotic Music)

Video - Parade (includes Funeral for Free Speech in front of U Penn English Department)



Video- ITV (NYC) report of Wharton Satyagraha

Video - Opening Remarks at Rally by Prasad Yalamanchi, Chicago,  Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

Video - Speech by Dr. Sasvati Sarkar,  U Penn Faculty, Dept of Electrical Engineering 

Video - Speech by Peter Bonilla, Foundations for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

Video - Statement by Dr. Alan Kors, U Penn Faculty, Dept of History, also Founder of Fire

Video - Mr. Ram Kamath,  Founder of VSoft, activist (also part of OFBJP Executive Board)

Video - Statement by Dr. Francisco-Gil White, U Penn Ex-Faculty (victim of Free Speech at U Penn)

Video - Ravi Jai Shankar,  Hindu Students Council President

Video - Statement by Richard Benkin, American Jewish Human Rights Activist

Video - Statement by Arish Sahani, Indian Americans Intellectual Forum

Video - Banners/Placards used in Parade

Photos (click link below)

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